Can I migrate my website away from Closrr?

Yes, of course! We don’t lock-in customers in any way. We believe that if you want to be with us, that is because you love our service, not because we have some proprietary technology available just with us, preventing you from leaving.

Having that in mind, note the following if migrating the site away:

  • You will not receive important updates nor security patches for the premium plugins and themes that came included with your site. You will need to purchase their respective license keys.
  • The sites hosted with Closrr, include several layers of caching, making them blazing fast. The site’s performance can be heavily impacted.
  • You will lose access to our image optimization tools.
  • The migration is entirely on your side, meaning we will not provide support for these tasks.
  • If we manage your domain, you will have to move it to the new host too.
  • If we manage your email, you will have to move it to the new host too.
  • 14 days after site removal, all backups will be permanently removed.
  • If you have done-for-you support, and would like to continue it at the new host, probably we won’t be able to accommodate it. We know you’d love to, but why can’t we?
    • At Closrr, we offer fast, one-stop-shop support, because we have access to your site, server, and all the configs; therefore, we save time (and you save money).
    • We don’t know the infrastructure of the other host, so it will be more difficult and time-consuming for us to handle it.
    • Contact us if you’d like to discuss this option.