What happens when I don’t pay for the website?

If on the day of the plan renewal, our system can’t process the payment, it will re-try on several occasions for the next 7 days. If by then, the payment hasn’t been successful, we may reach out to you, to look for a solution. When by calendar day 14 of the initial due payment date, the invoice wasn’t paid, we will suspend the website (both back-end, and front-end).

The website will remain on our servers for another 30 days, as a backup. In case you should decide to pay the pending invoice, so the website can be re-enabled. The backup restoration is free of charge, on the first incident (need for backup restoration) on the account. Second and consecutive incidents, are charged with the equivalent of the monthly plan fee, that has been active on the day of the plan renewal.

The site’s backup will remain active for 30 days only, after this period, it will be permanently deleted.

The above procedure applies to well-known customers (meaning, you’ve been with us for some time). For new accounts, whether we suspect abuse, spam, or just “testing” accounts, etc., we might change the procedure at our sole discretion. Please refer to our terms & conditions.